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    The assortment of our online store includes a wide variety of collections of furniture intended for completing children’s rooms, pre-school institutions, offices and study rooms. Their evident advantage is that each of them is made in the same theme. Each collection is a separate story and a has a unique designer’s solution. This is where the advantage lies of our company: we create furniture considering different functional purpose.

    Characteristics of Furniture for Kindergartens

    • Safety. For the manufacture of children’s furniture, we use only ecologically friendly materials, which comply with all GOST requirements.
    • Reliability. Our furniture bears big loads, features shock proof qualities and durability.
    • Ergonomics. The furniture for kindergartens is convenient to use and does not take up too much space in any room.
    • Interesting design. Our designers have developed each collection taking into account age-specific needs of the child. The furniture contributes to the harmonious development of children and their aesthetic education.

    Sailor Set of Children’s Furniture

    Our original and bright Sailor Collection of Children’s Furniture will delight young adventure lovers with its pleasant colour combination and unusual design. The full set, consisting of a mirror in the shape of a ship porthole, a section wardrobe for the changing room and a toy cabinet in the marine theme, will decorate the interior of any room, play area, kindergarten or other pre-school institution. It will also help to create favorable conditions for games and support the education process. All the protruding elements are protected with shock-proof edges and have no sharp corners, which makes the furniture completely safe.

    Neon Set of Children’s Furniture

    A Child’s desire to engage in creative activities, play, sleep and learn directly depends on the design of the room. The children will definitely like the bright features of this Neon series. The set has an original combination of colours and materials: the body is made of chipboard and the facades are made of MDF covered with a glossy film of pleasant bright colours. The Neon Furniture Collection will add freshness and uniqueness to the interior of any child’s space. It is and ideal solution for those parents who are looking for practical furniture with a modern and original design. You can choose to buy a piece of child’s furniture from the Neon series at the best price with a variety of products offered:

    • Toy cabinets
    • Closed wardrobes
    • A Toy and education book cabinet
    • Cabinet units
    • Writing and work desks
    • Children’s beds
    • A Trunk for toys

    Puzzle Set of Children’s Furniture

    Pay your attention to the Puzzle Collection of Furniture for Kindergartens. It is bright and original furniture which will let the interior of the playroom light up in a functional way. All protruding elements of the furniture are rounded, which provides complete safety during activities in the room. Bright doors and tabletop designed as puzzles serve as décor. This series consists of the following product offer:

    • A Game pouf sofa
    • A Toy cabinet
    • A Table
    • Chairs

    Cheese Set of Children’s Furniture

    This furniture collection will delight not only children, but also their parents with its unique design. Each of the elements is made in the form of a piece of cheese and displays their favourite cartoon heroes, Cat and Mouse. Its bright colours, interesting design and convenience will let you properly organize the space where children will be able to play, rest, learn, and develop. The Cheese Collection of Children Furniture includes:

    • Set of children poufs
    • Racks
    • A Book shelf
    • A Toy cabinet

    London Set of Children’s Furniture

    The combination of pleasant colours, the use of thematic prints and modules can decorate the interior of any pre-school institution in a bright and functional way. This collection embodies modern trends and a London theme. Each module carries a certain meaning and history: the Bus Toy Cabinet is made in the form of the famous red English bus, racks are made in the form of the Big Ben clocktower, the London Eye Ferris Wheel and Wellington Arch shelving units, while another toy cabinet is in the form of Tower Bridge.

    Little Bee Set of Children’s Furniture

    This collection is designed for kindergartens and other pre-school institutions. All the elements of the furniture have a pleasant colour combination. They are made in the form of honeycomb cells and have prints of this theme. They will surely be liked by the kids and create a cozy atmosphere in the child’s room. The series includes:

    • Toy cabinets
    • A Wardrobe for the changing room
    • A Mirror
    • Set of poufs

    Sky Set of Office Furniture

    This set of office furniture features a harmonic combination of wood and metal. Our designers have embodied in this series of office furniture the idea of the openly formed office space format. Each module is made in topical colour combinations of this year: purple/San Marino oak or purple/Santorini grey. In our assortment, you will find:

    • Work and writing desks
    • Cabinet units of different sizes and configurations
    • Document and clothes cabinets

    Purchase Terms

    The catalogue of our site contains a wide range of children’s and office furniture. You can buy from us at very favorable prices since we are a direct manufacturer. We can deliver to anywhere in Ukraine and convenient methods of payment and delivery are offered to you. You can pay for your purchase by non-cash payment. Delivery is carried out by using transport companies within the specified periods, but please note that assembly and delivery are paid separately. If you have any questions, please contact our team by the phone numbers listed on our website.

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