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    Boards for schools and universities

    Educational Magnetic Whiteboard for chalk 900х600 mm

    Educational Magnetic Whiteboard for chalk 900х600 mm

    The range of products of our online store includes a wide selection of whiteboards of various sizes, which will perfectly fit in the interior of any educational establishment or conference ha..

    1 112 ₴

    Three-Surface Blackboard for Schools for chalk 2250x1000 mm

    Three-Surface Blackboard for Schools for chalk 2250x1000 mm

    This Three-surface blackboard is intended for use in educational establishments. It is suitable to visually display information. The standard model allows you to write with chalk, a marker or..

    3 082 ₴

    Blackboards for schools with four surfaces for chalk 1500х1000 мм

    Blackboards for schools with four surfaces for chalk 1500х1000 мм

    The new Four-surface school blackboards has a “book” type structure which allows for more information to be displayed on the same surface area in comparison with standard models. The blackboa..

    3 352 ₴

    Five-surface school blackboard for chalk 3000x1000 mm

    Five-surface school blackboard for chalk 3000x1000 mm

    Пятиуровневые школьные доски являются одними из самых популярных моделей среди школьных и аудиторных досок. Наличие 5 рабочих поверхностей позволяет продемонстрировать намного больш..

    4 247 ₴

    Seven-surface blackboard for chalk 3000x1000 mm

    Seven-surface blackboard for chalk 3000x1000 mm

    Школьные доски – один из главных способов коммуникации в учебном процессе. Семиуровневая модель подходит для использования во всех образовательных учреждениях. Вы можете использовать ее ..

    6 257 ₴

    Mobile rotary blackboard with wheels 750х1000 mm

    Mobile rotary blackboard with wheels 750х1000 mm

    A magnetic mobile whiteboard is characterized by its ergonomics, mobility and convenience in use.  It has two working surfaces that allow you to represent twice as much information. With..

    2 475 ₴

    Accessories for School Whiteboards

    Accessories for School Whiteboards

    You can find a range of accessories for school whiteboards in the “Accessories for School Whiteboards” section of our website. These accessories are used with the magnetic whiteboard in the f..

    105 ₴

    Drawing - 125 UAH / 1 sq.m.

    Drawing - 125 UAH / 1 sq.m.

    Our company offers an additional surface - laser ruling of a school blackboard.  The unique technology of the application of the lines ensures its sustainability. This ruling is especial..

    125 ₴

    Why you should buy a blackboard from us

    The most important element of equipping a classroom is a comfortable blackboard of a high quality, which must be reliable and modern. We offer customers who want to buy a blackboard several options in different designs and sizes. You can order the following blackboards in our online store:

    • Single-surface
    • Three-surface
    • Four-surface
    • Five-surface
    • Seven-surface

    Our separate service, which we provide on request, is laser ruling-up, which we carry out using advanced technology. Such a ruling-up is applied to the blackboard only once, and does not require any further correction, remaining permanent.

    The ruling-up is carried out using a unique technology that creates the effect of "eternal" ruling, clearly visible throughout the entire period of service life, ensuring comfortable and long-term use.

    The advantages of our products

    The surface of most of the boards we offer is covered with a material that has magnetic properties - metal polymer. This allows you to fix teaching materials to the board using magnets.

    All our blackboards have a coating that prevents glaring on the surface of the board - this neutralizes any negative influence of lighting for students. The surface of our blackboards is resistant to scratches and damage, it is durable and strong, and everything written on it is clearly visible even from the back of the room.

    Our boards are intended for completing modern educational institutions and meet all quality and safety requirements.

    The work surfaces of the models we create can be used for writing with chalk or marker. They can also be combined. The delivery set of most types of boards, in addition to the board itself, includes a kit for its installation, a technical passport, a chalk collector and an installation diagram.

    We pack all our products in special types of shipping containers for transportation.

    The hard-wearing surfaces of our blackboards are reinforced with metal on the back. They are resistant to mechanical damage and deformation even at temperature changes. Most of the models are available in several sizes of work surfaces.

    A high-quality aluminum profile is used for the edging, which is covered with a special protection against scratches to increase the service life, and additionally reinforced with screws.

    Please also choose accessories for blackboards!

    You can also find accessories for blackboards on our website, such as:

    • Sponges for erasing markers
    • Sets of markers
    • Sets of magnets, each consisting of six magnets
    • White lump chalk in packages of 2kg
    • White chalk, in packs of 51pcs

    These accessories allow you to work with blackboards to the fullest extent, using their potential in order to make it convenient for children to acquire new knowledge.

    Order blackboards for your office, university or school from us! Mebel-Tekhnostil provides a guarantee period of 12 months for all products offered on our online store and you can buy from us at very favorable prices since we are a direct manufacturer. We can deliver to anywhere in Ukraine and convenient methods of payment and delivery are offered to you. You can pay for your purchase by non-cash payment. Delivery is carried out by using transport companies within the specified periods, but please note that assembly and delivery are paid separately. If you have any questions, please contact our team by the phone numbers listed on our website.

    Do not miss our website for updates, great promotions and discounts.

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