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    Puzzle Set of Children’s Furniture

    Set of children's poufs "Puzzle"
    In Stock

    Set of children's poufs "Puzzle"

    A beautiful children’s pouf is furniture that is great for kids to use for playing, studying and to build ‘houses’ and ‘barricades’. The soft corners and safe design of the poufs mean they ca..

    4 749 ₴

    Chair children's "Baby" Blue

    Chair children's "Baby" Blue

    Удобный детский стул из фанеры подходит для использования в домашних условиях и для комплектации детских дошкольных учреждений. Все материалы, из которых изготовлен этот стульчик, я..

    1 179 ₴

    Chair children's "Baby" with height adjustment Blue

    Chair children's "Baby" with height adjustment Blue

    This wooden children’s chair made of plywood is strong and high-quality. The height can be adjusted by three height groups. This model is a comfortable wooden chair that can be used for ..

    1 254 ₴

    “Puzzle” Series Toys Cabinet

    “Puzzle” Series Toys Cabinet

    This convenient, compact, yet roomy children’s cabinet for toys is intended for furnishing children’s rooms and preschool educational institutions. Our customers who want to buy a cabinet for..

    1 647 ₴

    “Puzzle” Children’s Table with height adjustment Lime, Gray

    “Puzzle” Children’s Table with height adjustment Lime, Gray

    This “Puzzle” Children’s Table is strong and durable, made in accordance with the concept of the “New Ukrainian School” and is an excellent option for use in educational institutions. The puz..

    1 399 ₴

    Puzzle Children Toy Cabinet

    Puzzle Children Toy Cabinet

    The Puzzle Toy Cabinet consists of four modules equipped with 22 open and closed shelves for storing toys for the whole group in kindergarten and school. It has an interesting design - it is ..

    12 617 ₴

    There are different ways of taking care of children. For example, you can buy qualitative and reliable furniture for kindergartens which will be comfortable and interesting for them. With the help of the Puzzle Set of furniture, it is possible to effectively resolve the problem of completing children’s rooms and play areas in pre-school institutions. Contrasted to the purchase of each element separately, this approach has numerous benefits, among which there is time and budget saving. The Puzzle Collection is a perfect solution for the furnishing of children’s rooms, kindergartens, play areas and other institutions intended for small children. The feature of this set of children’s furniture is an unusual design made in the shape of colourful puzzles, which will create real interest in the play room and give you unforgettable feelings. This collection is suitable for those who want to provide a constant atmosphere of enjoyment and comfort for children in the kindergarten. The series includes:

    • Children’s game sofa
    • Chairs with height-adjustability and without it
    • A Toy wardrobe
    • A Toy cabinet
    • Children’s tables

    Benefits of the Puzzle Collection

    • This collection includes pieces of furniture of different overall dimensions, which lets you conveniently furnish children’s rooms and different areas without cluttering up free space.
    • We use only certified qualitative raw materials and materials that completely comply with GOST requirements. The furniture is safe for children, it has neither sharp, protruding elements nor incisions. For the manufacture of the models, we use such materials as chipboard and MDF, which feature quality, reliability, and wear-resistance.
    • Safe structure. All the protruding elements of the collection are rounded, which provides safety. Special attention is paid to the quality of the assembly: the structure is reliable and wear resistant.
    • Reliable and durable fittings will serve you for years.
    • It does not require special care – it is enough to dust off the furniture with a soft cloth.

    Puzzle Toy Cabinet and Wardrobe Characteristics

    The cabinet is a four-module system with 22 open and closed racks. The sections are closed with original doors made in the shape of puzzle pieces. Furnishing kindergarten rooms with this model, you will provide each child with an individual place for the storage of toys, clothes and other items. Besides the storage function, at the same time it resolves the problem of interior design and will become a bright accent in the room. The structure has plastic legs, which protects the floor against damage.

    The wardrobe is intended for completing children’s rooms, pre-school institutions, or play areas. The selection of the model of required dimensions enables you to furnish children’s rooms and different areas, freeing up space for games and other activities. The model is designed in such a way that the children can reach the necessary objects by themselves and then it also makes the process of putting toys in their places easier after activities.

    You can choose the necessary size and modification of the model from the variety of sizes provided:

    • 2х1 (401 х 320 х 840mm)
    • 2х2 (800 х 320 х 840mm)
    • 3х1 (401 х 320 х 1233mm)
    • 3х2 (800 х 320 х 1233mm)
    • 4х1 (401 х 320 х 1641mm)
    • 4х2 (800 х 320 х 1641mm)

    Puzzle Sofa-Pouf Characteristics

    The main advantages of the model are its bright and original design and the possibility to transform it into a small sofa or use it as separate poufs. A wide colour palette is provided for you and you can choose the elements’ colour combination at your discretion. The product has soft rounded corners, providing complete safety. It is suitable for children’s room, pre-school institutions, and elementary schools. The frame is made of wood with chipboard elements. Polyurethane foam is used as the filler: it has good density, softness, and elasticity.

    Baby Chairs’ Characteristics

    There are two variants of the chair: with height-adjustability and without it. It is suitable for the use in pre-school institutions and children’s rooms. Each model can be chosen and adjusted according to the necessary height group: 0, I, II, III. Different colour options of the plywood are provided for you: yellow, lavender, turquoise, blue, and orange. The models are covered with water-based varnish which is completely safe.

    Puzzle Table Characteristics

    The Table set of this series is the best solution for the furnishing of pre-school institutions. Thanks to its structure, the product can be used as an individual table and the models can be connected into a reliable structure consisting of several items. The set of such tables is especially convenient for group work – you can place tables for the group work with more than four children at the same time.

    How to Place an Order in Our Online Store

    The catalogue of our site contains a wide range of children’s furniture. You can buy from us at very favorable prices since we are a direct manufacturer. We can deliver to anywhere in Ukraine and convenient methods of payment and delivery are offered to you. You can pay for your purchase by non-cash payment. Delivery is carried out by using transport companies within the specified periods, but please note that assembly and delivery are paid separately. If you have any questions, please contact our team by the phone numbers listed on our website.

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