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    Drawer chests for a child's room and a bedroom

    “KD-1” Dresser White

    “KD-1” Dresser White

    A convenient dresser for the nursery can be placed in the bedroom or used in a preschool educational institution. The unique design of this dresser allows it to fit well into interiors with a..

    2 851 ₴

    “KD-2” Dresser Blue

    “KD-2” Dresser Blue

    A compact children’s dresser with 4 drawers designed to complete kindergartens. It can also be placed in a bedroom or nursery. If you need a dresser for the nursery choose this model - it is ..

    3 046 ₴

    “KD-3” Dresser Lime

    “KD-3” Dresser Lime

    A practical and compact dresser for bedding for the bedroom made of durable and safe materials. Perfect for rooms in which it is inconvenient or there’s no need to place larger furniture for ..

    3 567 ₴

    “KD-4” Dresser Pink

    “KD-4” Dresser Pink

    A low and compact dresser for a bedroom is great for use in kindergartens and home living spaces - bedrooms and nurseries. You can successfully use a wide dresser for the bedroom to store bed..

    4 048 ₴

    “KD-5” Dresser Yellow

    “KD-5” Dresser Yellow

    A reliable dresser made of chipboard and MDF for a bedroom, a nursery or for a preschool educational institution is intended for storing clothes and bedding.A practical and compact version of..

    5 035 ₴

    Drawer chests for a child's room

    Like other furniture for children, child's drawer chests help to create a comfortable environment for the child, giving parents the opportunity to compactly fold their clothes and bed linen. If you do not put clothes in one drawer chest, the room can turn into an area where items may be chaotically scattered mixing clothes with bed linen.

    In order to organize proper childcare in the room it is simply necessary to have furniture that will allow you to store clothes, bed linen and toys in an orderly manner.

    Therefore, a child's drawer chest is a necessary item that can be used both at home and in pre-schools. Due to their stylish design, our models are well suited for home and kindergarten rooms.

    Order a drawer chest for a child's room!

    In the range of goods from Mebel-Tekhnostil, you can find a drawer chest for the child's room, which, thanks to its spacious shelves, allows you to compactly store a lot of different items and allows rational use of space in the child's room, which is usually never too big. You can buy from us child's drawer chests, which have excellent performance, made of safe materials of high quality. Reliable design and fittings increase the life of the product and make it resistant to possible mechanical damage.

    Drawer chest for children's clothes from a manufacturer

    Ordering a children's drawer chest from our online store, customers get a number of benefits:

    • We make all furniture from safe, high quality materials with all the necessary certifications from the sanitary authorities
    • Our products are made in original, elegant design, which is made by high level specialists
    • We guarantee high quality assembly and timely manufacture of products ordered by the customer, with agreed on time delivery
    • As a manufacturer, we can offer low prices even for the highest quality products
    • We provide a 12 month warranty on our own products

    We offer you to buy a child's drawer chest with delivery

    If you think about where to store children's clothes, toys, underwear and other small things that are important for the comprehensive personal development of a young child, a drawer chest for children's things becomes an obligatory attribute of your home. Our products help to keep the child's room clean and tidy, removing all the things that are constantly in sight when caring for a child, creating a sense of disorder.

    How to choose a drawer chest for a child's room

    Drawers of the drawer chest allow you to store in them not only clothes and underwear, but also many other useful little things, which under other circumstances would lie at any random place, creating the impression of slight chaos in the room. Depending on the design of the room, our customers can buy a child's drawer chests with facades painted in different colours - light blue, soft pink, or neutral light brown.

    You should buy a drawer chest for a child's room from us!

    In the assortment of our store, you can find a stylish drawer chest to the children's room, made in a dark shade of "Wenge Magic", which will decorate a stylish child's room. You can buy from us children's drawer chests, the frame of which is made of laminated chipboard, the edges of which are treated with a plastic edge banding with the thickness of 1mm. Our facades are made of MDF covered with PVC film.

    If the parents need to buy a drawer chest for the room of their children, who can already participate in the choice of furniture, we recommend that parents do not neglect the child's opinion. Involve them in the choice of furniture for the room and give them the opportunity to participate in furnishing their own space.

    To order the furniture you like from our website, just place an order through website, or contact our team for advice and assistance in choosing the desired product.

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