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    Army beds

    Single army bed Graphite

    Single army bed Graphite

    Армейская кровать предназначена для обустройства спального места в казармах, общежитиях, хостелах, летних полевых лагерях, санаториях, медицинских учреждениях, на вахтах. Изготовлена с у..

    4 689 ₴

    Folding army bed GOST 2056-77 (Type A) Graphite

    Folding army bed GOST 2056-77 (Type A) Graphite

    Кровать армейская двухъярусная разборная предназначена для обустройства казарм, общежитий, хостелов, медицинских учреждений, вахт. Выполнена с учетом всех стандартов ГОСТ. Основа спально..

    9 610 ₴

    We offer you to buy army beds directly from our own production

    Our company offers customers to buy army beds directly from our own production, which can be ordered with delivery in our branded online store. We sell products that fit perfectly into the interiors of modern Ukrainian army barrack rooms. Customers can find the following models on the pages of our website:

    • Army camp beds (type P)
    • Single army beds
    • Army dismountable two-tier beds (type A) complying with requirements of GOST 2056-77

    With these models, you can provide sleeping accommodation not only for servicemen, but also for workers who need sleeping accommodation during an assignment trip or rotation shift. They can be used for any situation in which it is necessary to organize modest, but very comfortable places for sleeping and the rest of a large number of people simultaneously. Single and two-tier models provide the size of the sleeping place that is enough for an adult man - 1,900 x 700mm.

    Frames for such products are made of strong metal pipes and angles, and the bases are made of a rhombic spring mesh, the wire thickness of which is 1.8mm. All metal supports underneath are equipped with plastic legs to prevent damage to the floor surface.

    Army metal beds

    The army metal beds offered by our company are painted with powder paint which does not contain components harmful to humans. The paint is very resistant and provides reliable protection against corrosion, moisture and other adverse effects.

    As a direct manufacturer, we provide a warranty period of 24 months for all of our products. All our beds are supplied to customers without mattresses, which must be ordered separately.

    For the manufacture of our products, we use high-quality materials that are reliable and durable, completely safe for humans and have all the necessary requirements of state sanitary authorities. The metal frames of our products are strong, reliable and can withstand the weight of large men. Our beds can be used to equip army barracks, a hostel and any other sleeping area in which a large number of sleeping places need to be placed.

    Army two-tier beds

    The army two-tier beds presented on the pages of our online store, which are also suitable for hostels, have a number of positive features that are important for our customers:

    • Reliability and durability of design
    • High quality materials used for manufacture
    • Resistance to mechanical damage
    • The ability to significantly save space in the room, thanks to the two-tier structure
    • Low cost, as for products of such high quality

    Two-tier models can also be used as single-tier models - the ergonomic, universal design makes it easy to transform these beds into a comfortable design for the owner that meets his/her goals.

    Why buying a two-tier army bed from us is the right decision

    Customers who are going to buy a two-tier army bed can place an order on our website and take advantage of the following benefits from cooperation with Mebel-Tekhnostil:

    • Our products are created by professionals, they are characterized by ergonomic design and high quality of assembly
    • We offer you to pay for the order in a way convenient for the buyer
    • We provide a timely delivery of goods to any region of Ukraine

    Two-tier beds allow you to place a large enough number of servicemen on the territory of the barracks in order to free up more useful space for outdoor activities and sports. If there is enough space in the room, you can transform them into single-tier sleeping beds. Order durable, strong and reliable products of the Ukrainian manufacturer for the convenience and comfort of servicemen!

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