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    School furniture

    School furniture from Mebel-Tekhnostil

    High-quality school furniture is the basis for the formation of a comfortable environment for a student in an educational institution, which should provide him/her with all the necessary conditions for obtaining new knowledge. The furniture we offer for schools meets the requirements of the State Standards of Ukraine and current legislation and has the necessary certificates and conclusions of sanitary and epidemiological examination. First and foremost, the furniture used in educational institutions must be safe. We guarantee the safety of our products, starting with the selection of quality materials approved for the production of furniture with which young children come into contact and ending with a design that aims to reduce injuries and to prevent any problems that may arise during its usage. Our furniture is:

    • Durable and made of quality materials
    • Highly resistant to wear and tear
    • Ergonomic and as safe as possible
    • Has no traumatic elements in its design
    • Has authentic design, which is perfectly suitable for the interiors of modern educational institutions

    You can find on the pages of our online store: furniture for schools, classrooms of universities, dormitories, events halls, specialized classrooms and other institutions. You can rely on the quality of our products and use them to furnish your living and training spaces.

    Order school furniture at low prices!

    We pay special attention to the correct design of furniture, with which students are in contact every day. It should help maintain correct posture and give the student the opportunity to feel comfortable during the classes. The price of school furniture that we offer to our customers is optimal - as a manufacturer, we can guarantee the most favorable terms of purchase for our customers. Ordering all the furniture needed for a school classroom from one manufacturer is the right strategic decision to avoid problems with repair, warranty service, extra costs, communication and transportation time. Cooperate with Mebel-Tekhnostil and order furniture for your teaching space from our company to get quality, reliable and durable products made in a modern style!

    Why is it beneficial to buy school furniture from us?

    By ordering school furniture from our online store, you can take advantage of the following benefits of buying from us:

    • Competitive, affordable prices as compared to the majority of offers in the market
    • Fast production of large quantities of goods and strict compliance with pre-agreed terms
    • Delivery throughout Ukraine
    • 12 months guarantee on the entire range of products

    If you are planning to buy school furniture, check out the range of products offered by us:

    • Desks for schools and lecture rooms
    • Chairs and benches for classrooms and lecture rooms
    • Blackboards
    • Tables for teachers and computer rooms
    • Cabinets and racks for training materials and documents
    • Beds for dormitories
    • Furniture for specialized classrooms, events halls, canteens

    Furniture for educational institutions

    The assortment on our online store includes furniture for educational institutions, made in various colours, with different designs and sizes. The cabinets for classrooms and quality demonstration tables for the biology, physics and chemistry classrooms are an excellent offer. Those wishing to buy school furniture can also find parts for the repair of desks and chairs in the corresponding section of our website. All furniture is designed to be resistant to external influences, reliable and durable. There is no glare on the surface of school and teacher tables that may distract teachers and students from the teaching process.

    You can order not only individual types of furniture such as desks, chairs, or tables for teachers, we can also fully equip the school office in full accordance with the customer's requirements. Our team will provide detailed advice on the entire range of products and help you to choose the most appropriate model for your needs.

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