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    Boards for Offices

    Flipchart "Standard" for marker

    Flipchart "Standard" for marker

    Флипчарт представляет собой маркерно-магнитную доску, которая имеет крепление для листа и блока бумаги, переворачивающихся по принципу блокнота. Данная модель является идеальным решением..

    2 101 ₴

    “Erudite” Flipchart for marker

    “Erudite” Flipchart for marker

    The “Erudite” magnetic-marker flipchart is suitable for use in offices, conference halls and other settings. It can be used for assisting with lessons, courses or training. The magnetic prope..

    1 860 ₴

    1-Surface Cork board 100х1000 mm

    1-Surface Cork board 100х1000 mm

    1-Surface Cork board A Cork board is a distinctive item for placing visual information. It is suitable for use in educational establishments but can also be used in offices and other org..

    1 255 ₴

    Accessories for School Whiteboards

    Accessories for School Whiteboards

    You can find a range of accessories for school whiteboards in the “Accessories for School Whiteboards” section of our website. These accessories are used with the magnetic whiteboard in the f..

    105 ₴

    You can buy a flipchart inexpensively!

    Educational institutions and offices have a need for information boards that can be used during presentations, and on which you can fix sheets of paper or special large-format notebooks. For customers who want to buy a flipchart our company offers both models working with paper and those intended for writing using a marker or chalk. The design of our flipcharts makes them stable, they consist of convenient legs, a high-quality surface, and a special, small but convenient shelf for markers, chalk or other writing accessories.

    The small weight, (about 9-10kg for most of models), allows you to conveniently move the device around for anyone who will use it. All models, both the ones intended for chalk and models for marker, have magnetic surfaces, to which you can fix various educational and demonstrational materials using special magnets.

    Hurry up and buy a board for the office with a delivery!

    If you want to buy a board for the office, please familiarise yourself with the range of products offered by Mebel-Tekhnostil online store. Our models are rather light and convenient in use, they are perfect tools for the demonstration of information and organization of presentations and education. The product design allows you to fold it conveniently and compactly, as well as quickly, and place into the stockroom or other place, in which it will not occupy much space.

    Our flipcharts can be easily and quickly cleaned, it can be done using sponges, cloths, as well as special sprays. Most of our products have dimensions of 700 x 1000 mm, which make them convenient for use. Buyers who will place an order on our website will obtain an opportunity to benefit from the following advantages from the cooperation with Mebel-Teknostil:

    • We use only high-quality materials that completely comply with requirements of State Standards of Ukraine and have all the necessary conclusions of sanitary and epidemiological examinations
    • We offer low prices for our own production; intermediaries often offer such products with a significant mark-up, but we, as a direct manufacturer, can please our customers with low prices
    • We offer fast terms of manufacture, which are agreed in advance, and quick delivery across the entire territory of Ukraine
    • Our employees are professionals and experts in their field of knowledge, therefore we sell products assembled to a very high quality

    We offer you to buy an office board for presentations

    Customers who want to buy an office board for presentations should decide on the desired size of this product. Among other products, we offer single-surface cork boards for offices. Customers can choose a size convenient for them – 700 x 1000mm to 2000 x 1000mm. You can find in our online store several types of equipment for presentations, which can be used both in offices and in educational institutions.

    The most popular items among our range of products are convenient flipcharts and cork boards, to which you can fix announcements, booklets and other paper informational products. With the help of office boards, you can conduct presentations, the voiced information from which should be stored, but not simply completely erased, then it would be logical to use ordinary magnetic-marker models.

    Options offered by us are convenient and reliable, they have a solid structure, and are made of high-quality materials. We provide a guarantee period of 12 months for all products offered on our online store.

    You can get a great deal on buying office boards from us

    If you are going to buy boards for the office, it can be helpful to study features of their use in order to select the most convenient model which meets the needs of employees or students. If you are going to write on one in Slavic or European languages, that is left to right, you'd better stand to the left of the board in order for your audience to conveniently read left to right.

    You should not forget to write on office boards using a font large enough so that all viewers can distinguish the text. You should not neglect the drawings during the presentation - they can make the speaker's story easier and more informal and therefore memorable, regardless whether they are a teacher, lecturer or an office worker of a company.

    Please order boards for offices of the required design, place an order yourself or call our team who will help you to make your choice and place an order!

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