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    Little Bee Set of Children Furniture

    Little Bee Toy and Education Book Cabinet

    Little Bee Toy and Education Book Cabinet

    The Little Bee set is a convenient, spacious and ergonomic cabinet for kindergarten. It is perfectly suitable for customers that need to buy toy cabinets for any kindergarten group. The cabin..

    19 337 ₴

    Closet for toys and manuals "House of bees"

    Closet for toys and manuals "House of bees"

    The original Bees Cottage Toy Cabinet is an exclusive model, whose characteristics are ergonomics, beauty and roominess. This model is perfectly suitable for pre-school institutions that care..

    12 144 ₴

    "Honey Bee" Children's Sectional Cabinet for the Dressing Room

    "Honey Bee" Children's Sectional Cabinet for the Dressing Room

    The "Honey Bee" model is an interesting design solution of a cabinet for a dressing room in a kindergarten. Having equipped preschool institutions with such a cabinet, you will create a pleas..

    3 023 ₴

    "Honey Bee" Children's Sectional Cabinet for the Dressing Room with a Bench

    "Honey Bee" Children's Sectional Cabinet for the Dressing Room with a Bench

    "Honey Bee" - an original model of a children's sectional cabinet for a dressing room with a bench. This model is made in an exclusive, 100% original design, specially developed by our employ..

    3 180 ₴

    "Bee" MDF Mirror

    "Bee" MDF Mirror

    "Bee" is a beautiful and durable model ideal for customers who need to buy a mirror for a kindergarten gym, swimming pool or other establishment visited by young children.The original author'..

    1 106 ₴

    Set of children's poufs "Beehive"

    Set of children's poufs "Beehive"

    A beautiful children’s pouf is furniture that is great for kids to use for playing, studying and to build ‘houses’ and ‘barricades’. The soft corners and safe design of the poufs mean they ca..

    3 932 ₴

    It is very important to furnish the room of the kindergarten and any other pre-school institution in such a way that its design is similar to home and induces positive emotions in children. It is correctly chosen children’s furniture that will help to create an interesting and convenient child’s interior. The unique Little Bee Furniture Collection has been developed by our designers specifically for completing pre-school institutions with love and care for the children. Facades, made in the form of honeycomb cells and decorated with millings and covers of this theme, a pleasant combination of yellow and orange colours create coziness and a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere with a sense of comfort in the room. The series includes the following pieces of furniture:

    • Toy and educational book cabinets
    • Sectional wardrobes for the changing room
    • Children’s game pouf
    • A mirror

    Benefits of Buying Children Furniture in Mebel-Tekhnostil Online Store

    • Practicability. All the models are convenient, spacious and functional.
    • Environmentally friendly materials. Chipboard and MDF are used for the manufacture and are completely safe materials. They have all necessary certificates and comply with GOST requirements.
    • Safety. Each element of the collection has rounded corners, which minimizes the possibility of injuries and clothes damage.
    • Attractive design. You child will definitely like the unique and bright designer’s set of children furniture.

    Toy Cabinets’ Characteristics

    The collection includes several toy and educational book cabinets:

    • Honey Bee;
    • Bees Cottage.

    Bees Cottage Model is intended for completing kindergarten spaces. It is a four module structure with numerous open and closed rack type shelves. The latter option of the compartments is closed with the help of interesting doors made in the form of honeycomb cells. The structure has 22 compartments in total, they will conveniently accommodate children’s toys, personal belongings and other objects.

    Bee Cabinet is aimed at completing preschool institutions and home interiors. It is a multifunctional storage system with a module for the outwear, drawers, upper closed compartments and a shelf intended for the storage of books.

    Thanks to its well-thought design and practicability, the model does not take up a lot of space in the room, freeing up some area for games and other activities.

    Characteristics of the Little Bee Sectional Wardrobe

    Among the most sought after pieces of furniture for kindergarten for completing institutions are wardrobes. We offer you to consider several variants of the Little Bee Sectional Wardrobe: with a bench and without one. Each model has two compartments, one of them is intended for the outwear storage, the other is aimed at the shoe storage. The only difference in these wardrobes is the availability of a compact convenient bench, on which the children can sit and easily change their shoes after outdoor activities. Models with a different number of section and diverse dimensions are provided for you:

    • 2 sections (620 х 300 х 1400mm)
    • 3 sections (920 х 300 х 1400mm)
    • 5 sections (1526 х 300 х 1400mm)

    Characteristics of the Hive Game Poufs

    The Hive Set of Children Poufs will become kid’s favorite place in the interior of the room. They are mobile, functional, take up small free space in the room and highlight the general interior design completed with the Little Bee Series modules. The model consists of seven compact poufs, whose form resembles honeycomb cells. It is comfortable to have a rest, play and watch cartoons whilst sitting them. The upholstery material is Zeus artificial leather which features reliability, wear-resistance and wiping-resistance.

    How to Place an Order in Our Online Store

    The catalogue of our site contains a wide range of children’s furniture. You can buy from us at very favorable prices since we are a direct manufacturer. We can deliver to anywhere in Ukraine and convenient methods of payment and delivery are offered to you. You can pay for your purchase by non-cash payment. Delivery is carried out by using transport companies within the specified periods, but please note that assembly and delivery are paid separately. If you have any questions, please contact our team by the phone numbers listed on our website.

    Do not miss our website for updates, great promotions and discounts.

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