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    Additional modules

     High shelf B 563 Ash-tree Shimo

    High shelf B 563 Ash-tree Shimo

    Convenient chipboard mezzanine allows you to efficiently use the space of a residential or office space. It is one of the most popular types of furniture for apartments and residential buildi..

    614 ₴

    Mezzanine B 593 Ash-tree Shimo Left

    Mezzanine B 593 Ash-tree Shimo Left

    This mezzanine is part of a group of cabinets of the same series, with different dimensions. It has three compartments with doors. It can be placed on top of a rack or cabinet or hung on the ..

    915 ₴

    The System Unit Stand Ash-tree Shimo

    The System Unit Stand Ash-tree Shimo

    This convenient mobile stand for computer system units allows you to move it as far as cables allow. As it is on wheels, it makes cleaning the room more convenient. The materials used to make..

    208 ₴

    We offer you to buy modules for furniture for your office

    Clients who order furniture for their working premise often need to buy modules for furniture helping to improve products previously purchased. Our buyers will find in the product range of our online store the following additional elements that allow to expand the furniture functionality:

    • Entresols
    • Hanging shelves
    • Side tables
    • Stands for system units and monitors
    • Shelves for keyboard and mouse
    • Table extensions

    All the elements above listed are created at our own production of particleboard of E1 formaldehyde emission class, which makes them safe for humans. Qualitative certified materials and fittings are used when manufacturing all of our furniture. Our products are characterized with reliability and strength and deserved many positive responses of satisfied buyers.

    Side table: let's select together

    It often happens that the usual size of a desk is not enough for periodically arising tasks in the office - for example, sometimes one or more specialists sit down with a team or project leader for a quick meeting or to discuss the intermediate results of the work. In such a case, it is necessary to buy a side table that will allow you to solve working issues whilst keeping harmonic furniture composition.

    Our buyers often order a side semi-circular table for ease of use. Their indisputable advantage is easiness, with which they can be moved to any convenient place, compactness and practicality. Such models can be installed at the side of the large desk in order to provide seating for an assistant or an employee during a meeting, or place necessary documents and office equipment.

    You can buy a stand under a system unit from us

    Tables with special elements that are described as “computer” ones are sometimes inconvenient to use by a certain employee or impossible to place in a certain office. It also happens that an employee initially needs a desk without additional options for placing a computer, because he/she uses a laptop.

    But later the situation can change, a computer can be purchased for the employee, and therefore there is a need to buy a stand for the system unit on wheels so that it can be conveniently placed off the floor.

    In our range of products, we have strong and convenient stands, on which you can locate a system unit of a computer and conveniently move it in case of need without lifting it.

    If you need to buy a stand under a monitor, please, call us!

    The correct seating of a person at the computer ensures the ability to maintain performance for a long time, and helps to avoid eye and neck fatigue. Monitors are often located much lower than it is convenient for an employee, therefore the need to buy a stand under a monitor arises.

    The tabletop stand-under monitor we have in our range of products is made in the shape of a triangle, which allows it to be located both in the centre, and in the corner of the table. A monitor does not occupy much space on a working desk, but it performs the most important function. If you feel inconvenience when working and want a monitor stood slightly higher, please order our convenient stand on our website!

    Computer Desk Hutches

    No matter how large the tabletop is, it is not always possible to fit everything you need on it. In order to make the workplace more comfortable, manufacturers use desk hutches that are convenient and practical devices, thanks to which it becomes possible to arrange a large number of necessary items in the workplace. The desk hutch offered by us is made of the same particleboard as other additional modules, it fits perfectly into the office interior and can be used in combination with tabletops of different designs.

    If you want to buy an entresol, please choose it on our website!

    If the office has a place for an entresol, and this particular piece of furniture allows you to solve the issue of rational use in the office space, this accessory becomes a must-buy item. We offer our clients to buy entresols, which are made of the same reliable and high-quality materials and fittings as other additional modules, they can be conveniently combined with other furniture from our ranges.

    Please order the products presented in this category or contact us for additional advice!

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