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    Set of children's furniture "Jungle"

    Jungle Toy Cabinet

    Jungle Toy Cabinet

    The Jungle Toy Cabinet for children is presented in savannah colors: a combination of warm mint green, yellow, blue, and orange colours. It is decorated with MDF covers in the form of an elep..

    6 097 ₴

    "Cactus" Corner Shelf for Flowers

    "Cactus" Corner Shelf for Flowers

    Indoor plants are a great addition to the interior of preschool institutions and schools. We bring to your attention "Cactus" corner shelf for flowers, made in the form of a plant loved by al..

    1 240 ₴

    "Jungle" Set of Wall Shelves

    "Jungle" Set of Wall Shelves

    Children's wall shelves allow you to place your favorite toys, books, framed photos, gifts, in a visible place, without cluttering up the free space with additional cabinets. "Jungle" set of ..

    1 771 ₴

    "Rhino" Children's Shelf

    "Rhino" Children's Shelf

    You will definitely need a children's shelf for books in a room or a preschool institution if you care about the all-round development of a child and buy books, educational aids, and exciting..

    1 417 ₴

    Africa Toy Cabinet

    Africa Toy Cabinet

    The Africa Children’s Toy Cabinet is intended for completing schools, pre-school institutions, and play areas. The design has many open and closed shelves, niches and a corner element to plac..

    7 337 ₴

    The Jungle Set of Children’s Furniture is a bright, functional and modern collection for completing kindergartens, other pre-school institutions as well as play areas in entertainment centres. The modules are decorated with bright facades in the form of plants of the tropical forest and exotic animals: rhino, giraffe, hippopotamus, elephant, toucan and turtle. This collection will surely gift the child with bright colours of childhood and cheerful smiles. It allows you to decorate the room in a uniform style. Thanks to its proper colour combination, it fits harmoniously in any children’s institutions interior. The series includes:

    • Toy cabinets
    • Wall shelves
    • A Book shelf
    • Flower shelves

    Advantages of the Choice of Our Company Furniture

    • Original design. Our designers develop interesting and practical ideas for the furnishing of children’s space interiors.
    • Safety. Rounded corners of the fittings guarantee prevention against injury.
    • Environmental friendliness and safety. We use only qualitative and certified materials, complying with GOST requirements, for the manufacture of children’s furniture.
    • Usability. The modules are functional: they have numerous open and closed compartments, rack type shelves for the storage of toys, stationery supplies and other objects.

    Toy Cabinets Characteristics

    The Jungle Toy Cabinet is made in a pleasant combination of yellow, mint green, orange and tender-blue colors. It has 12 spacious shelves, which are enough for the placement of toys and other child’s items, therefore, it is a perfect storage system. The structure of the furniture for kindergartens is designed in such a way that the child can reach the necessary toys and put them it into their place. Its legs are made in the form of studs, which protects the floor against damage. The unusual design of the model is different to anything else your child will see, it will create a cozy home atmosphere in the room.

    The feature of the Africa Toy Cabinet is the presence of a cheerful height chart in the shape of a giraffe, it will accompany the children all the way through measuring their growth and become their friend.

    The structure allows you to keep books, toys, stationery supplies and other objects, providing a lot of free space for games and studying.

    Characteristics of the Shelving sets

    • The Jungle Set of Wall Shelves goes perfectly with other pieces of the collection and fits harmoniously into different interiors of the child’s room. It provides an opportunity to place favourite books and toys in front of you and complete the interior with a new bright accent. It features reliability and a compact size: the shelves take up minimum space in in the room.
    • Shelves in the form of animals are an interesting furniture trend which conquers more and more pre-school institutions. The structure of the Rhino Children’s Shelf is made in the form of one of the child’s favourite animal from the zoo and the wild. It is suitable for the storage of books, toys and souvenirs. It will help to create a pleasant room environment, which will contribute to their development and joyful games.
    • The Cactus Corner Shelves for Flowers are perfectly suitable for the organization of a "green corner" in pre-school institutions. Their original design in the form of a cactus and proper colour combination creates coziness and harmoniously decorates the group room of the kindergarten. It forms children’s love of nature, tenderness and skills to look after plants.

    How to Place an Order in Our Online Store

    The catalogue of our site contains a wide range of children’s furniture. You can buy from us at very favorable prices since we are a direct manufacturer. We can deliver to anywhere in Ukraine and convenient methods of payment and delivery are offered to you. You can pay for your purchase by non-cash payment. Delivery is carried out by using transport companies within the specified periods, but please note that assembly and delivery are paid separately. If you have any questions, please contact our team by the phone numbers listed on our website.

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