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    London Set of Children’s Furniture

    Balloon Toy Cabinet

    Balloon Toy Cabinet

    The Balloon Toy Cabinet is the best solution for completing children's bedrooms playrooms, or pre-school institutions. This is a spacious area where your kids can store toys and other things ..

    12 144 ₴

    Big Ben Toy and Education Book Rack

    Big Ben Toy and Education Book Rack

    The Big Ben Children Toy Rack is designed in the form of a tower and it will become one of the main accents of the room. It is a structure with a bright front equipped with five shelves. This..

    3 087 ₴

    Arch Toy and Education Book Rack

    Arch Toy and Education Book Rack

    For a comfortable and full development your child needs a lot of free space, so it is not always advisable to clutter up a room with a large cabinet. Especially when the area of the child's r..

    2 259 ₴

    Ferris Wheel Toy Rack

    Ferris Wheel Toy Rack

    The Ferris Wheel Toy Rack is designed for completing kindergartens and other pre-school institutions as well as play areas in shopping centres. This model has many shelves for your child’s fa..

    5 085 ₴

    Tower Bridge Toy Cabinet

    Tower Bridge Toy Cabinet

    Children always have plenty of things: from toys to materials for creativity, souvenirs and books. The Tower Bridge Toy Cabinet is a piece from the London furniture set. It has eight closed s..

    7 995 ₴

    Bus Toy Cabinet

    Bus Toy Cabinet

    The Bus Children’s Toy Cabinet will perfectly complement the play area in shopping centres, schools, kindergartens, and other pre-school institutions. It forms the right environment for the p..

    16 445 ₴

    The London Collection of Children’s Furniture is a unique, bright and modern set of furniture showing London’s famous buildings for completing kindergartens, play areas in entertainment centres, or pre-school institutions. It is made in a pleasant colour combination and combines aesthetic and ergonomic characteristics of furniture. There are many different pieces of furniture in the collection: racks for toys and educational books and shelving units.

    Each of its modules is made in the form of the main London attractions: The Big Ben Tower, London Eye Ferris Wheel, Tower Bridge, a London bus and a triumphal arch. That is why this furniture for kindergartens is interesting for little kids, creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room, contributing to the harmonious personality development. It encourages children to put toys back in their places. It is a multifunctional storage system which can accommodate all the toys, books and personal belongings of kindergarten group members.

    Benefits of London Furniture Collection

    • Environmentally friendly raw material. We use qualitative chipboard and MDF that have all necessary quality certificates and comply with the State Standards of Ukraine for the manufacture of children furniture.
    • Safe structure. All the protruding elements of the collection are rounded, which provides safety. Special attention is paid to the quality of the assembly: the structure is reliable and wear resistant.
    • Functionality. Each module has numerous racks, open and closed shelves for the storage of toys and other items.
    • A harmonious combination of colours of the set of children furniture and uniform design.

    Characteristics of the Toy and Education Book Racks

    The Big Ben model has five spacious shelves, it is decorated with MDF facade in the shape of a clock tower. It can be used both with the other modules of the collection and individually. It has small dimensions which allows you to complete the child’s room and create your own small library with your child. In addition to its intended use, it serves as an interesting interior detail.

    The advantage of the Arch Model is its compact size, which allows you to place the necessary toys and other objects within the reach of the child. It also makes the process of putting things in their places easier. Thanks to its design, it fits perfectly into the majority of room interiors.

    The Bright Ferris Wheel Model is very unique for any child. The design of the rack is made in the form of a Ferris wheel with varicoloured cabins, there is a small shelf on each of them.

    The children can put on there their favorite toys, souvenirs, trophies and photos. Books and other items can be placed into the lower rack. Saturated colours of the product are harmoniously chosen and provoke no irritation.

    Bus Toy Cabinet Characteristics

    The Bus Toy Cabinet is the most sought-after model, thanks to the proper combination of game and storage functions. The model completely echoes the design of the famous red English bus. It has three compartments, one of them is intended for the storage of toys, books and other items, while two others are the driver's cab and passenger compartment with comfortable seats where children can spend their free time in an interesting way, participate in role plays and communicate with one another.

    Characteristics of the Toy Cabinets

    The Tower Bridge Model features its functionality: it consists of eight closed and four open shelves. It can hold items in a proper and compact way, holding numerous toys, books, teaching materials and other objects to be stored. The harmonious colour combination makes the model universal – it is suitable for both boys and girls and perfectly complements different interiors of the child’s room.

    One of the most unordinary ways to get to know London panoramas is to go for a tour in a hot air balloon and look from height at the beauty of this fantastic city. The Balloon Toy Cabinet lets the child imagination plunge into this adventurous atmosphere. It has a bright design, the facade is in the form of a balloon, the shelves are in the form of clouds and the compartment for the toy storage is in the form of a balloon basket.

    How to Place an Order in Our Online Store

    The catalogue of our site contains a wide range of children’s furniture. You can buy from us at very favorable prices since we are a direct manufacturer. We can deliver to anywhere in Ukraine and convenient methods of payment and delivery are offered to you. You can pay for your purchase by non-cash payment. Delivery is carried out by using transport companies within the specified periods, but please note that assembly and delivery are paid separately. If you have any questions, please contact our team by the phone numbers listed on our website.

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