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    We offer you to buy a wide range of beds from us

    Our online store offers you to buy beds of various configurations, differing in technical features and stylistic performance. In general, our beds can be divided into three broad categories:

    • Army
    • Intended for hostels
    • Beds for children

    All models, both for children and those developed for the army and educational institutions, are manufactured with high-quality materials that meet the requirements of the State Standards of Ukraine. The materials used by us have the corresponding conclusions of the sanitary and epidemiological examination.

    How to choose and buy a bed

    Individuals who are engaged in procurement for educational institutions and various government agencies can buy beds by placing an order in our store and indicating the required number of units. At the moment, our catalogue contains a selection of both single and two-tier beds.

    The beds in two tiers are equipped with ladders that facilitate access to the upper tier. Our customers can order a bed for one child intended for use at home or there are also original many-tier beds for families with many children. You can also order kid's beds-cradles in our online store.

    Having decided on the required model, you can independently make an order or contact our team if you need to get answers to additional questions, or find out the terms of manufacture or order delivery. Mebel-Tekhnostil provides warranty obligations for a period of 12 months or more for each delivered unit of goods. Delivery is carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine, in accordance with pre-agreed deadlines.

    Depending on the presence or absence of space in the room for which you are purchasing furniture, you can choose more or less oversized beds, as well as select additional options if necessary. You can order products made in a modest and minimalist design, or vice versa, decorated with decorative elements, for example artistic milling.

    Hurry up to buy inexpensively a bed with a mattress in the online store!

    The bed is the most important piece of furniture, which should not only fit well into the interior, but also be comfortable, ensuring an excellent quality sleep. If you need to buy a bed with a mattress inexpensively in the online store, you will find current models among our products.

    The options we offer differ in stylistic and technical features - the photos posted give a complete picture of the appearance and the description gives you the technical characteristics of each product.

    You can choose to buy a bed that will match the style of your room, fit into the design and have the characteristics you need. The quality of our products is due to reliable certified materials and high professionalism of our employees.

    You should order beds from us!

    If you are going to order a bed in our online store, you should contact our company to take advantage of its benefits:

    • The best prices that only the manufacturer can offer to the end customer
    • High quality products made of certified and approved materials only
    • A form of payment convenient for the client
    • Fast production deadlines, which we strictly adhere to
    • Delivery across the territory of Ukraine within a predetermined time frame

    We offer reliable and comfortable models of stable design - safe, made of harmless materials, allowing you to create a pleasant environment and good conditions for relaxation.

    The range of beds offered by our online store is constantly expanding. In addition, you can order other furniture for use at home, in educational institutions and other institutions.

    Please order beds from the Mebel-Tekhnostil online store and create good conditions for sleep and relaxation using our products. Make the space for relaxation convenient and comfortable with us!

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