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    School Chairs and Student Benches

    U-Shaped Chair on a Round Pipe Gray

    U-Shaped Chair on a Round Pipe Gra...

    This adjustable school chair is designed to equip classrooms. The frame of the product is made of a U-shaped round pipe.This model allows users to change the frame height by rising it by 380,..

    778 ₴

    "Cadet on Skis" School Chair Black

    "Cadet on Skis" School C...

    This is a comfortable, reliable, and durable model for those who want to buy a school chair with a classic design. The model is suitable for use in schools and other educational establishment..

    663 ₴

    "Cadet on Skis" School Chair with Height Adjustment Black

    "Cadet on Skis" School C...

    This model is perfectly suitable for customers who want to buy an adjustable school chair made of strong and quality materials. The customer can choose from one of two options for the seat an..

    735 ₴

    "Cadet" School Chair Black

    "Cadet" School Chair Bla...

    The "Cadet" School Chair is a classic design with a stable structure made on the base of a metal frame of pipe with the cross-section in the size of 20x20 mm.Product Characteristics:• The fra..

    578 ₴

    “Optima” Student's Chair with Height Adjustment Green

    “Optima” Student's Chair with Heig...

    Do you want to buy a school chair with height adjustment made of safe and high-quality materials? Then the height-adjustable “Optima” Student’s Chair is the perfect model for you!This table p..

    796 ₴

    “Alisa NEW” Chair Midnight Blue, Gray

    “Alisa NEW” Chair Midnight Blue, G...

    A comfortable chair with a durable structure. The base has a strong metal frame and the comfortable soft seat can be upholstered with Boucle fabric or artificial leather. Product charact..

    778 ₴

    “Classic” Chair Sea wave, Gray

    “Classic” Chair Sea wave, Gray...

    The "Classic" Chair is an excellent option for customers who want to buy office chairs at a low cost, but still get reliable, high quality, strong products.  This office chair can be use..

    755 ₴

    Chair "Karina" Dark Brown, Gray

    Chair "Karina" Dark Brow...

     Office employees understand the importance of comfortable seating. Working in an office without a comfortable chair can be extremely tiring, especially during long days sitting in the w..

    601 ₴

    “Universal” Chair Beige, Gray

    “Universal” Chair Beige, Gray

    This stable, durable and high-quality model is a comfortable office chair that is well suited not only for office spaces, but also for schools, government and medical organizations, hospitals..

    601 ₴

    Chair "Alice" Berry, Gray

    Chair "Alice" Berry, Gra...

    Customers who want to buy an office chair can take a look at this “Alisa” chair, a strong, reliable model with a minimalist and neat design. Due to its universality, "Alisa" easily fits into ..

    825 ₴

    Chipboard Bench on a Metal Frame; Beech, Gray, 380 mm

    Chipboard Bench on a Metal Frame; ...

    This school bench can be moved around effortlessly and can seat many children.Product Characteristics:• The base of the bench structure is a metal frame made of square cross-section tubes in ..

    839 ₴

    Bench on a Metal Frame; Light Brown, Gray

    Bench on a Metal Frame; Light Brow...

    This comfortable school bench can be moved around effortlessly and can seat many children or their parents.Product Characteristics:• The base of the bench structure is a metal frame made of s..

    938 ₴

    How to choose the right school chair

    In order to choose the right school chair of high quality, it is necessary to study the requirements of the state standards for these products. First of all, according to the requirements of the law, the materials from which all furniture is made must be safe and allowed for use in furniture with which young children come into contact. All products manufactured by our company meet the requirements of the State Standards of Ukraine and have all necessary conclusions of sanitary and epidemiological examination.

    Why we recommend buying a school adjustable chair

    Children grow up, and the height of the chair which was originally bought for a child quickly becomes inconvenient, a child cannot sit on it comfortably and physiologically. Therefore, we advise customers who purchase furniture for educational institutions to buy a school adjustable chair; the height of which can be changed in three height groups. This will allow you to use the same product as the child grows without making new purchases, providing a child with the most comfortable conditions in the study room.

    Furniture with which a child comes into contact in the early stages of socialization and entry into society, plays a major role in his or her development. In particular, in order to avoid further problems with wrongly formed posture, it is necessary to choose the furniture that would be most comfortable for the student and would meet the requirements of ergonomics, i.e. would repeat the natural curves of the human body, providing a physiological posture. These factors should be taken into account when ordering furniture for schoolchildren who spend many hours at the desk.

    We offer you to buy a school chair at a cheap price

    When planning to buy a school chair, one should not only make sure of the safety of the materials from which it is made, but also take a close look at its design features. The corners of the models we make are rounded so that children do not catch on them, risking abrasions and injuries.

    Where can you buy a cheap school chair?

    Children are very interested in everything new, colourful and bright, so the furniture, which is in contact with schoolchildren, should have a modern design.

    The online store of our company is a trading platform where you can buy a school chair at a low cost, with a guarantee from the manufacturer, and a timely delivery. We pay maximum attention to the safety of all our products, the aesthetics of its appearance, quality and reliability of design.

    You can buy a children's school chair from us

    As individual parents who want to buy a children's school chair for their child, as well as employees of educational institutions which organize the purchase of furniture, can find in our online store the most suitable models. Seat height adjustment, ergonomic backrest shape, safety of construction and materials of our products - this is not a complete list of advantages of our products. In the assortment of our online store you can find the following items for seating:

    • Student chairs of various designs, including with height adjustment
    • Duo chairs - paired models connected with each other by a metal frame
    • Student benches and benches on a metal frame, with or without a backrest
    • Repair kits - seats and backrests for repair of school chairs

    Hurry up to buy school chairs in the run-up to the school year!

    Buyers wishing to buy school chairs for an educational institution where they are purchasing furniture can place orders on our website by themselves. Also, buyers can call our team, whose telephone numbers can be found in the "Our Contacts" section, and get help in choosing the necessary goods along with detailed advice on our range of goods.

    A reliable metal frame coated with high quality powder paint, or even a HPL plastic layer, is an excellent basis for a structure on which a child can sit comfortably and gain new knowledge without being distracted by an uncomfortable chair. If you want to make the school classroom as comfortable as possible for children, order chairs and benches for students from the online store Mebel-Tekhnostil!

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