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    Children's chairs

    Chair children's "Baby" Blue

    Chair children's "Baby" Blue

    Удобный детский стул из фанеры подходит для использования в домашних условиях и для комплектации детских дошкольных учреждений. Все материалы, из которых изготовлен этот стульчик, я..

    1 179 ₴

    Chair children's "Baby" with height adjustment Blue

    Chair children's "Baby" with height adjustment Blue

    This wooden children’s chair made of plywood is strong and high-quality. The height can be adjusted by three height groups. This model is a comfortable wooden chair that can be used for ..

    1 254 ₴

    “Bruin” childs chair Red / White

    “Bruin” childs chair Red / White

    This is a compact children’s chair made of chipboard that can be used to furnish preschool educational establishments or in the home. This children’s chair is a pleasant element of play furni..

    493 ₴

    Be in a hurry to buy children’s chairs at a low price!

    Questions related to the purchase of children's furniture and its replacement as the child grows, begins from the moment of his/her birth. The furniture used by the child during the formation of posture and muscles requires great attention. The parents and those who buy furniture for pre-school institutions face the questions of how to choose and how to buy children's chairs correctly, what to look for when choosing them, and what materials to give preference to.

    Our company, which is the direct manufacturer of the children's chairs we offer, recommends that our customers always buy children's furniture only from trusted domestic manufacturers. You should not give preference to goods brought from abroad just because they are offered by large retail chains, after all, they are often made from non-certified materials that may be unsafe. In our work, we use only safe materials that meet the requirements of the State Standards of Ukraine and have all the necessary conclusions of a sanitary examination.

    How to choose a chair for the nursery

    It is necessary to choose a chair for the nursery with all responsibility, because even at primary school age, the child spends a lot of time sitting in the classroom or doing homework. With an incorrectly chosen chair, a child can easily acquire such problems of the circulatory system as well as osteochondrosis and scoliosis.

    We offer children's chairs designed to furnish nurseries and equipment for pre-school institutions. Many of our models have a height adjustment option that allows use of the same chair as your child grows, creating a comfortable environment for him/her. As a manufacturer, we inform buyers about the guarantee periods for all our products.

    Buy a chair for children in our online store!

    If you need a chair for children with which you plan to furnish a nursery in your own home, our online store can offer models for such a situation. Children's chairs for pre-school educational institutions, as well as models for home use should not have casters, so that the child does not begin to feel this furniture as a kind of "vehicle" in the room.

    The assortment includes models with a metal frame, which is a steel square or round pipe.

    There are also models made on the basis of durable plywood, the thickness of which is 15mm. The chairs based on plywood are intended more for nurseries but they can be used both at home and in pre-school. When choosing a child’s chair, it makes sense for the buyer to clarify the following information about the model he/she likes:

    • Is there any height adjustment for this model so that you can use the chair comfortably as your child grows?
    • How strong are the mounts for this model? The legs should be securely fastened, or even better - additionally fixed, increasing the safety of the product.
    • How stable is this model?
    • What are the materials of which the chair is made, are they safe, and what is its shape - does the child run the risk of getting caught and knocking over the chair? Are the angles rounded?
    • To what extent does the chair meet the ergonomic requirements?

    Why buying a children’s chair from us is the right decision

    When deciding to buy a children’s chair from our company, the customers of our company receive the following advantages:

    • Fast production terms, which we stipulate in advance and which we comply with, alongside a timely delivery
    • Safety — all materials used by us meet the requirements of the State Standards of Ukraine and have the necessary conclusions of the sanitary and epidemiological examination. The design of our goods implies the presence of only rounded angles of functional elements so that actively moving children cannot catch on them
    • Low prices which can only be offered by the manufacturer, without extra charges generated by intermediaries
    • Guarantee period for individual functional elements of children's chairs or for the product as a whole

    If you have any questions when choosing a chair for a child, please contact our team on the phone numbers specified in "Our Contacts" section and get detailed advice on the products you are interested in!

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