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    Mebel Tekhnostil is one of the best manufacturers of furniture for school and higher educational institutions, kindergartens, boarding schools, dormitories, offices, as well as recreation centers and medical institutions. Reliability, durability, safety and modern design - this is how you can characterize the products of our company.

     We produce:

    • student sets (desks and chairs)
    • specialized tables and racks
    • modular cabinets
    • classroom furniture (desks and benches)
    • accessories (metal frames and repair kits)
    • furniture for office
    • furniture for individual orders


    The high quality of Tekhnostil furniture is due to the use of certified environmentally friendly materials and durable metal structures. All consumables for furniture production have hygiene certificates and certificates of compliance.

    Furniture is produced:

    • In accordance with the current quality standards, laminated particle board (chipboard) with E1 emission class (which indicates a low emission of toxic substances) is used for the manufacture of furniture.
    • In products with increased requirements for wear resistance, chipboard lined with plastic according to the "postforming" method is used. The visible ends are lined with a PVC edge from 0.5 to 2 mm thick.
    • Metal frames for student furniture, depending on the type of model, are made of the shaped steel tube of rectangular, square and round sections.
    • The processing of metal frames is carried out using powder painting - one of the most up-to-date technologies for obtaining a high-quality and durable coating. Hot curing epoxy-polyester powder paint forms a durable coating of the metal frame, resistant to mechanical stress, fats, alkalis and solvents.
    • To reduce the probability of damage to school furniture by students, fasteners that cannot be disassembled without special tools are used.
    • The customer can choose the color scheme of furniture, tabletops and frames. Furniture can be made in the following colors: beech, alder, apple, cherry, etc. Metal frames are painted in standard black and gray colors, other color options are discussed additionally.
    • furniture for individual orders

    School furniture

    The collection of furniture for educational and preschool institutions is designed to form a harmonious object environment that meets the needs of the educational process in preschool, school and higher educational institutions. The collection of furniture combines reliability, practicality and safety with external attractiveness and aesthetics.

    The highest requirements are imposed on preschool and school furniture, and the most important of them are increased durability, complete hygienic safety, and environmental friendliness. Furniture for children is made of environmentally friendly materials and meets all sanitary and hygienic standards.

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